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Parent Information

Security and Safety

The Pre-school room is secured at all times and keypad code is required to enter and exit the main staff door with a chain secured in place also.  The pre-school room has a double lock, security alarm and video doorbell.  No-one can access the building without ringing the bell and then a member of staff will letting them in.  A member of staff will assist anyone on exiting the building

The external area is also secure and children are supervised at all times with the appropriate staff to child ratio.

If your child is being picked up by another person you must inform a member of staff and arrange for a password to be put in place for such times. Only these agreed names person can collect your child with your permission.

Drop off and pick up arrangements

A member of staff will be on the door from 9.00am -9.15 (approx) then again at 3.00pm for hometime.

If you arrive before these times please wait until a member of staff arrives to open the door.

These measures are in place to maintain a high level of security within the Pre School Setting.

Parent/carer Involvement

We absolutely love our parents to engage via our nursery software, adding photos to your child’s learning journey.